Casual Outfit

Casual Outfit

Beige sweater

Skinny pants
$24 –

Oasis oxford flat shoes
$32 –

River Island brown bag
$40 –


One Sweater, Four Ways

bat sweater emerald pants and heels bat sweater blue pants and flats bat sweater with shorts and green/blue heels bat sweater with burgendy pencil skirt and heels

You guys probably recognize this sweater… I posted it in “Sweater Weather”. On the H&M website there is this really cool feature where you can create outfits with all of their amazing clothes. I used this to create four different outfits that had one thing in common… the “bat sweater”! This sweater is so versatile. Since it’s black and gray, it can be paired with so many different things. I also saw the sweater paired with a sheer, black maxi – skirt, on Street Peeper. Go to the H&M website to mix and match all of their great clothes.


Oxfords!!!!! There are sooooo many styles. High heeled, glitter, print, leather, double color, color blocking!!!! My personal favorites are the gray with gold sparkles. I am not one to wear glitter all the time, and its only on really special occasions that I will. These are amazing!!!