Harem pants ribbet

Poof! The harem pant is here. Yep, these balloon, genie pants are called harem pants. I love these pants, because they serve as a very chic way to look great while giving you the “sweatpanty” feel.


Happy (Belated) Valentine’s Day

Thump. Thump. Thump. All of our hearts are beating at a steady beat, but on February 14, they are bouncing all over the place. Love: an intense feeling of deep affection. Everyone has to have it! Love is the key to living life. 

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Who Said Boho Cant be Chic?

Who Said Boho Cant be Chic?

Clu striped tank
$125 – brownsfashion.com

Knit top

Witchery leather sandals
$105 – witchery.com.au

Tory burch

Casual Outfit

Casual Outfit

Beige sweater

Skinny pants
$24 – chiarafashion.co.uk

Oasis oxford flat shoes
$32 – oasis-stores.com

River Island brown bag
$40 – riverisland.com

One Sweater, Four Ways

bat sweater emerald pants and heels bat sweater blue pants and flats bat sweater with shorts and green/blue heels bat sweater with burgendy pencil skirt and heels

You guys probably recognize this sweater… I posted it in “Sweater Weather”. On the H&M website there is this really cool feature where you can create outfits with all of their amazing clothes. I used this to create four different outfits that had one thing in common… the “bat sweater”! This sweater is so versatile. Since it’s black and gray, it can be paired with so many different things. I also saw the sweater paired with a sheer, black maxi – skirt, on Street Peeper. Go to the H&M website to mix and match all of their great clothes.

Girls! Camera! Action!

A friend, Karla Duarte is starting a program to help girls with teen dating violence. They will make stop motion animation films that will be showcased at the Museum of Photographic Arts on December 5th, 2012. Help them reach their goal of $1,950 to make this program possible. They still need cameras, paper and art materials, software, and program and curriculum development including education material. Check out their page and support this amazing project! Girls! Camera! Action!


Dear Summer,

bicycle skirt with black bagDear summer, why do you only last 75 days? Why make us wait for 290 days until you visit us once more. Color and warmth are always there when you are, happiness and patterns too. White cotton dresses, sandals, and shorts, are all anxious for you to come visit again! Long strolls on the beach, oh how we miss you summer. Please visit us sooner this year!!!!



Oxfords!!!!! There are sooooo many styles. High heeled, glitter, print, leather, double color, color blocking!!!! My personal favorites are the gray with gold sparkles. I am not one to wear glitter all the time, and its only on really special occasions that I will. These are amazing!!!

Burgundy, Wine, Red

2012-Fall-Burgundy fancyfall_burgundy

I know it may seem a little serious, but it’s a fall color! Wine, burgundy, red… these are all (sort of) the same. A white colored shirt peeking out from under your burgundy top will surely brighten it up a bit. I am positive most of us are not as daring as this fashionable woman in the picture and pair burgundy with burgundy with burgundy, but a slight touch is enough. 

Quack Quack…

Dear Duck Face,

I’m very not sorry to say that you’re not very cool, cute, and definitely not pretty. MANY girls, (including myself) thought you were cool, but we have moved on. Well, most of us have. By the way, you have gotten older people to copy you too. If young girls/boys don’t look very good doing the “duck face” how do you think you make them look. The PEACE makes it look worse. It was cool at one point, but not anymore .If you don’t understand this, I am very sorry, but I don’t speak duck.



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